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Europeans say biotech ban won't last

(Thursday, June 26, 2003 -- CropChoice news) --Associated Press, 06/25/03: WASHINGTON -- U.S. President Bush, according to this story, hosted a one day summit Wed. attended by European Commission President Romano Prodi, foreign policy coordinator Javier Solana and Greek Prime Minister Constantine Simitis.

Prodi was quoted as saying afterward that, "There is no political will to have the moratorium ... forever. There is a part of the public who is afraid, who sees danger, who thinks it's not good."

EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy was cited as saying he told the president during the summit that the EU preferred resolving differences on the issue through negotiations, not public statements, adding, "We prefer the telephone to the megaphone. It's one thing to disagree. It is another thing to use starvation to advance a position in this debate. We don't accept that."

Bush later jokingly invited visiting European leaders to feast on genetically modified foods, making light of an issue that has roiled transatlantic ties.